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Can over sleeping cause memory loss?

The answer to this one is simple: NO. It`s just that perhaps if you sleep too much, you won`t have anything but your dreams to remember. Which is not that bad, unless you have nightmares, like I do. Sweet dreams are, in my opinion, worse than nightmares! I mean, to see in front of your eyes everything you consider would make you happy but in the end realise that it has been nothing but an unwillingly imagination? That really hurts. To give a scientific answer to the question “can over sleeping lead to memory loss”, we could besides saying “no”, say that the contrary leads to memory loss. If you just don`t sleep, you will eventually start having short periods in which you won`t be able to remember small things.
SO, I found the magic thing I was looking for! Hard practice has a priceless result! Instead of sleeping too much, in order to get away from today`s world (economic crisis, new governement, war between Israel and Hamas and all those other things that bugg you when you are awake) I am supposed to stay awake so I can loose some of my memories. Maby if don`t sleep a few years (I know that`s not possible) I will become a new person, which is what I wanted to be “when I grow up”. Well, according to scientists, if you don`t sleep for about 72 hours, stress hormones add up in a brain part, called hippocampus and the result is that you won`t be able to restrain the new memories. So it`s only about the new ones? WTF!

Other scientists have shown that (or at least this is what they say) watching too many talk- shows and reality tv will make audiences lazy and stupid. OMG! There are a lot of pros and conts regarding this topic. Will watching ordinary people doing nothing have a good effect like bonding, or will it just teach you that you can go through life not doing anything special?
The thing is that reality shows are misleading the audiences, saying “reality”, in fact being not so.. real. It is just like.. I don`t want to get into those plastic things right now.  SO is it ok to humiliate oneself to become a celebrity? For 10 minutes? I would say no. But I have a lot of arguments which will be brought up by society when reality shows will rule the world! They are the shows that reflect our society, and can provide empathy wich we lack so much nowadays. This is why I think reality shows are alright. Not to mention talk- shows which have the same life.
As a cartoon said, “Breaking news! Anna Nicole Smith is still dead!”
Communication is all we need. Wether we do it through IM, talk shows, reality television, or yahooanswers (I`ll come back on this one) we just need to see that we are not alone. So, in the end, the sad question remains:
Why are we so alone?


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Creative Director Iosif Trif takes interest in developing creative works as well as studying the impact works of art and cultural products have on people on both a personal and group level.


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