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ANnO Domini 2005

Asta am scris acum câţiva ani despre anul 2005. Din anumite motive am scris în engleză, lucru pe care l-am redus de atunci..

This is the first out of a 3- blog series in which i am going to remember the last years. This october entry is about the year 2005, in november I am going to write about 2006, and at the end of december about this year.

I can remember that the year 2005, I called it at the end “The classic year of 2005”. Because this is what it was. Although there is not much record of it in my room, I still remember a few things. Firstly, here`s a background: in september 2004 I started high school, and was pretty dissapointed of how similar it was to what I had lived before. In 2005 I was happy that I was in the mid 2000s and still dreamed of things that I still have in mind. I looked like a bad kid (because i was very mean to everybody- only afterwards i became so understanding and kind). Yes, i was the one screaming in everybody`s face. I was pretty nasty, and obviously not so tall as I am today. Everybody hated me and I hated them. At the end of 2004 I appeared for the first time on a public stage, and with the acting clss i met people who, some, marked my life, and what`s more surprising is that with some I still keep in touch although I would have never thought that. That`s great! Wish you all the best if you read this!..

In 2005, we had many guests from other countries. It just happened. From Germany and from France. It was lovely. I love showing people who don`t know the Romanian life everything there is to it. I would surely do it again.

In my 2005 record I found an exact date: on the 25th of may there was a show (i found a program) called “Tatăl, Rivalul Fiului” (The father, son`s rival) which about I can remember that I had to talk a lot in a scene wearing studpid clothes and bare an extreme heat for my body..

Anyway, but the most marking event in the 05 was that it was the first time i crossed borders. I went to France and traveled by bus. It was terrible. A 2-day ride. I never did that again, and hopefully never will. I travelled a lot through France. Oh, yes, it was tiering but then I cured my “car- sickness”. I never got sick on a car or bus after that. So it was worth afer all.

As far as i can remember, 2005 was the year I`ve been in Sibiu, which was all in reparations for 2007. At that time, I wouldn`t have thought that i would trly come back two years later. I think it was 2005, because in the photos I had long hair.

And speaking of which, in the beautiful autumn of 2005 I cut my hair, which I hadn`t cut since the 7th grade. Wonderful! I remember i was happy and still am. Now I look at those picures and think: “what was on my head?” :))

Anyway, of course i went to Sighişoara for the festival and at the local theatre festival in november, where one of the plays i saw was “Billy Şchiopul” (don`t know it`s original title) by Martin McDonagh, a play which I will always remember with joy. And it was the first time I`ve seen Marius Manole, the best Romanian actor performing on stage, in another play.

Yes, it was clssic, beautiful and sometimes sad. But I was at peace, not having certain things to obsess meor to think about. But I asked for them, because my life, I thought, was too dull. And now they came true, and I want to give them back, or change them.”


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