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The I Ching reveals the future!

Most people don`t care anymore wether 21st of december 2012 will be the day the world will end or not, but it is definitel interesting to see how all the prophecies and all the science combined point out that there will be something on that day! It was the Mayas who had a calendar more precise than ours, and which`s final date is december 21st 2012. Then there was the ancient oracle called Sybil, who predicted exacy things that happened thousends of days later, the day she predicted them, including the birth of Jesus Christ. Mother Shipton was an English woman who lived a few hunderds years ago who predicted the future of anyone who would ask her, but who also predicted many important cultural changes of the people on planet Earth. Merlin, the wizard known most from the KIing Arthur stories, who was in fact a darker figure than we imagine had something to say about this very date. Before the big hit, it is necessary to explain that all these people had their own way of deviding things in time. For example, one could say “eight generations of 300 years” and so on.
Besides from the Mayas, the English and the native Americans, it was also the Chinese who had no idea they predicted the whole history of humanity.
The oldest text in China. It is the I Ching, It was used to predict one`s own personal future. You would ask a question, and then throw three coins. If 2/3 are tails, you would draw a straight line, if they were heads, you had to draw a broken line. You had to repeat it six times, until you had a series of six straight or broken lines. There are 64 possible combinations, and each one has an interpretation in the book. One man discovered that there was a lot more to it than this.  In the 80s and 1990 a scientist discovered there was a pattern in the I Ching.Combining the combinations and the lines, you can make a graphic. When McKennah (hope I spell his name right) put it on a timeline, the first point being the year the I Ching was made, he discovered fantastic corelations between the texts and the events that happened the year they corresponed to on the timeline. The end day: believe it or not, 21st of december 2012
How is it possible for two civilisations, the Chinese and the Mayas to have the same calendars, although the Chinese had made it thousends of years ago and the Mayas in the Middle Ages?
The image shows the two World wars according to the I Ching. Wether the end of the world or not, the solstice of the year 2012 will be a very discussed quesion. That, if something doesn`t happen on the way, and we all forget about it.
Bless bless


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