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Birth of a Nation

I am very dissapointed in everything lately. Besides from all the social, political and other facts that I notice. I always think about them and I always say I must write them down here too. The way people give up on everything they had as a nation and take everything other nations give them, the way our future will look like, after studying more facts. It`s actually easy to make a complete analysis of your society if you don`t do anything all day long and , well, have some brain. But that is just it. I`d rather not think of anything and do things all day, than not to do things all day long. I`m on holidays, until october 1st and I am very sad. I travelled only for a day this summer and I didn`t do anything.

I remember when I was little that everything was another world. In spring, we would celebrate Easter and there was my birthday when people joined at the house. In summer we would finish school, eat summer fruits, untreated with any chemicals, all natural, what today is called ecological food, and we went to the Romanian sea side at the Black Sea. In autumn, my favorite season school started and we would eat autumn fruits and vegetables, we would prepare the pickles for winter and bring out from the closet winter clothes. In winter there is our national day, december 1st, then there are the holidays. We would eat cakes and cookies, baked things, house made of course because that was when the oven was heated.
I would receive or buy new things on Easter, my birthday, St. Nicholas and Christmas.
Now I have everything all the time. There is no order of things or seasons ad what each season brings, I get and buy new things all the time. Things, technology, clothes. I travel in any season eat anything I want, whenever I want and New Year`s eve being the only night to spend after midnight is just a hollow memory. But I am not happy. On the contrary. And if this is how things developed until now, and the older I got, the sadder I become. There were a few moments I was smiling but everything is so depressing. When I see that all the things I believed in crumble in front of my eyes. They say that so you have everything you need to give up everything else. I will sure try.

Is this how the world is going to be like? Do all things become worse as you grow older? Or will things eventually become normal? I hope so.


About Iosif

Creative Director Iosif Trif takes interest in developing creative works as well as studying the impact works of art and cultural products have on people on both a personal and group level.


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