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end of days

More weeks ago I wrote a very interesting article that I published online, called ” 2012 phobia” which in just weeks became one of the most read posts of my media. The article can be read here. It was read by lots of people. I was about all the things that predict a big change or even the world`s ending on the day of december 21st, 2012.
What I am sure of is the fact that on the day of december 21st 2012, which is less than four year from now, nothing special will happen. No buildings will colapse, we won`t see Jesus coming down from Heaven, or a black hole capturing us. I`m sure that if aliens do come on Earth, our governments will keep it a secret. Maby on that day they will make it public? Who can know?

But there is more to the term “world`s ending” than the physical destruction of our species and all that we have built. I think we will be so happy that our buildings still stand that we will forget what humanity actually means. It reffers to our souls and the way we think. We are being attacked all the time with images, ideas and films teaching us a new way of life. A way of life that does not represent us any more. Where everything that is against humanity (like adultery, murder, lies, crime) not only become tolerated, but become natural and sometimes even a profession.

And this is something that we should be worried about! If an alien spacecraft comes to earth, it will not matter so much wether they are God`s creatures or not as the  Vatican says. Nothing will be important if each and every one of us will have a real person to turn to. In a world ruled by adultery, lessons like “don`t trust anyone” and fraud as a natural thing, we will be more worried how to save ourselves that how to save ourselves as human kind. What is going to happen to me is the question, but it should be “what will happen to us?”
It`s not if they are going to destroy our buildings and technology, it`s wether they will destroy the human contacts or not.
Maby on that day all manipulation and hypnosis plans will finally come to an end and will be plain nothing. Everything will be so good that we won`t see how bad it is. Here I can recommend the film ‘Equilibrium’ , starring Christian Bale, which presents a future society ruled by a “feelingless perfection”.

It is not what will happen on that day, it is how we prepare for that day! Quick


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Creative Director Iosif Trif takes interest in developing creative works as well as studying the impact works of art and cultural products have on people on both a personal and group level.


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