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The 2012 phobia

I guess there are just few people who haven`t heard of the end of the world coming in 2012. But i guess most people say: ” well, we had our end of the world at the 1999 solar eclipse, in the year 2000 etc”. And that is true. It`s just that there are too many things now, that point a change in our modern world. We all heared for example about the Schuman resonance, which explains scientifically that time as we know it will stop on the day of december 21st, 2012. Right now, in 2008 the ‘classic’ 24- hour day, lasts actually only 16 hours, if you can imagine. Also, exacly on that day, theare are will be many changes regarding our solar system and the sun`s position in the Milky Way. (Too scientific to be explained here).

And who has not heared about the Maya calendar? Which has as it`s final day.. that`s right, december 21st, 2012! It`s remarcable that the mayas have predicted theyr own end, too. And their civilisation dissapeared right when the prophecy was supposed to fullfill.

It seems, although this is more a guess, that the human DNA will change starting with 2012, and it will have 12 spirals, not 2 as it has today.

The coming back of the Anunnaki is also something that may happen in 2012. Who? There seems to be a planet, called Nibiru, which passes our solar system every 3600 years. The Anunnaki were it`s inhabitants. We know about them from very ancient writings, found here on Earth, obviously. It seems, according to some people, some of them are even men of the Church or other representatives of other major beliefs, that these aliens have brought life on our planet, long before that, but that 3600 years ago, when the planet entered last time our solar system, the founded new religions. Hard to believe, huh? Well, we`ll see if these aliens will come or not, my guess is they will, or else, the Vatican wouldn`t had officially said that aliens are God`s creatures too.

What makes the best of the 2012 phobia is the fact that nobody says it`s the end of the world, it`s just an enormous change. Money will dissapear, institutions as we know them, we might even overcome technology and loose our materialistic way of being. How far have we come right now? Can we go more? And still be human beings? Or do we really need a change? Who will bring the change? Who will adapt?

I think that right now everybody wants to see who wins euro 2008, if the Olympic games in China will take place, who wins the American elections (like we wouldn`t know) and so on. But still, I think december 21st 2012, that about 4 years from now, is one of the most expected days in human history.

Should we be afraid, amazed or nervous? Change is the only constant thing, and why shouldn`t we hope for a good change? I`ll be back on this topic, some other time. And on the Vatican talking about aliens.


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Creative Director Iosif Trif takes interest in developing creative works as well as studying the impact works of art and cultural products have on people on both a personal and group level.


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