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Quotes CJ5

Here are my fav quotes from season 5!

Garret: He made a choice.  He didn’t stay a doctor cause that’s what his parents wanted of him.  He chose his own destiny.
Lily: You mean lawyer.
Garret: Lawyer, that’s what I said.
Lily: You said doctor.

Jordan: Hey Garret can you hear me?
Garret: Like you’re in my head.
Jordan: Some things never change.

Jordan: Hey Danny.  I’m Jordan Cavanaugh.  I’m a doctor.
Danny: I hate doctors.
Jordan: Yeah, me too.

Danny: You saved the bullet right?
Jordan: (with a smile) Why? You wanna impress the girls?

Jordan: Garret Macy depressed?  Jeez how could you tell?
Bug: Lily he’s been depressed his whole life.

Lily: Lily Lebowski.  I work in the ME’s office.
Jeffery: As what? The resident pit bull?

Lily: Can you get this warrant rescinded?
Jeffery: Can you get out of my face?
Lily: Can you answer my question?

Garret: Don’t you think you’re projecting your own issues onto your work?
Lily: You’re qualified to give this lecture?

Lily: Is there anything I can do to help you.
Bailey: Yeah you can shut up.

Jeffery: You could paper a room with all the restraining orders.

Woody: It’s made me a better cop.
Lu: It’s not really about being a better cop. That same stuff you don’t want to look at and deal with.  It gets in the way of other things.  Your life for instance.

Jordan: Whenever I start to get close to someone this little voice starts screaming in my head run fast.  Crazy.  Messed up.  Cuckoo.  I wish I could promise you it won’t happen again, but it probably will.

Garret: Okay Jordan the gang’s all here.
Jordan: Glad to see I’m not the only one logging overtime.
Bug: At least you’re out of the office.
Jordan: Yeah well next time you try spending 24 hours with a psycho.  Not exactly a vacation.  I’m telling you this woman is a real head case.  She thinks that a lying father is justification for murder.  Imagine if I took that point of view.
Garret: Well you’re not a psycho Jordan.
Bug: Well…maybe not in that way.

Rene: You want to tell me what the Hell just happened here?
Woody: Maybe later.

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