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I usually like to log on Yahoo answers, when i have nothing to do and stay in front of the computer. Some things are really nice. And sometimes people have very interesting problems, or post very interesting questions. Like a woman once asked, how do pedophiles fit into God`s plans? And once, there was a bisexual woman, married to a man, who was having an affair with another lady. She got pregnant with her husband and she worried how to tell her lover about the baby.
Someone asks “Is the world really gonna END?” and says as an explanation: ” on thursday june 12 2008 supposedly there was a prediction that bombs would go off all over te world that day and stuff.. what do u think?
i hope not i have a graduation prty to attend to the nxt day”.
A man had found once a very interesting porn film name and wanted to know the community`s opinion, but it was rather crappy.

There are a lot of people who ask obvious questions, which, in my opinion, don`t need answers. Questions like: “Why is racism wrong?” or “If God is perfect in every way then why would he make gay people if he is against homosexuality?”. And the cherry on the top. “If you were given $10million to have sex with a guy just once, would you do it?” The interesting part is that this was asked in the LGBT section. Hahah! laughed my a** off!  And I also found a person that answered my question, somebody who is an American with a Romanian heritage.
And there are some who like asking funny questions, like “Okay, so me & my friend were doing laundry & why do we separate the colors if there is no more racism?” I liked it to be honest.

So now I imagine you wonder what are the questions I ask, or answer. To be honest I answer stupid questions too, sometimes, but most of the times I like to answer questions regarding problems I really have a point of view against. I answered  questions like, ” if you could change one things, would you and if yes, what would that be?”, then I answer questions about reincarnation, the devil, Revelation, and so on, so you can tell. I like answering questions from the Spirituality section, Groups and Cultures, Languages, Youtube sometimes, and I was a “relationship guru” a while ago in the Singles and dating area.

Most of my questions don`t get good answers, because I ask apparently difficult questions, which can`t be answered with a Google search. That`s why I ask them, because there is no answer on Google about that. That`s sad. But YA is good when you want to find out what people think and how they see things, and to relate a lot to other people`s situations. There is empathy sometimes, and sometimes it`s good to ask a question, especially when you don`t want to ask people you personally know. Better than forums.

About the questions I give a best answer to? Do you want to know? Naah, it would make me look too..

So, this service is a lot of fun, I really enjoy it, and I have a good laugh from time to time. And i find out a lot of things! It is nice to see people who don`t work! (I`ll tell you what I mean another time, about this again)


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Creative Director Iosif Trif takes interest in developing creative works as well as studying the impact works of art and cultural products have on people on both a personal and group level.


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