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In 2008,  during the month of february and march, I shared my views on Romania`s capital, Bucharest. By that time I had to go there a lot, with “business”.

1st february 08

However, today I must leave to Bucharest, and guess what! It`s a huge chaos in our railway system, as in some stations there is a strike, and in others, not. So, you need a lot of good luck in order to get to your destination today!I can`t wait to come back to tell you what things were like in Bucharest, and I hope I`ll tell you more about what everythin`s there and what I will have done. That in case, it`s all alright with the trains and everything goes according to plan.

3rd february 08

It seemed that there was no problem with the trains leaving from Brasov to Bucharest, fantastic, right. The people in Brasov were truly working, and didn`t want to mess up everybody`s plans. So we headed to the train station, there were no big lines, got tickets to the best, fastest and most comfortable train, and were ready to go, when I went and asked at which line we needed to go, to catch the train. And the lady there said that it wasn`t coming. Why? Not because of us, because the people in Bucharest or somewhere hadn`t “sent” it! So there was no train. Actually, there was but with a 100 minute delay. Ok, waiting more than 1 hour wasn`t such a big deal. But we could do better. So, there was a very cheep, stupid and cold train, leaving earlier, had no delay, but naaah… it wasn`t that comfortable. It was at least in action, so to say. So we got on that one, and although it took a lot of time to get to Bucharest, we still arrived earlier than we would have if we would have waited for the delayed one.

Anyhow, we got there and guess what, the train didn`t stop in the main station, they were on strike, but in another station, called “Basarab”. Basarab station and everything around it looked as if it was the last ghetto in Africa. Holy shmokes! In the end, we got a bus, went where we had to go and it was a nice evening. We had no clue what was coming for me the next day.

The next day, bus 86, leading downtown Bucharest, the one I needed,  (together with other buses of course) were off, due to reparations God know where. And that was not such a big deal, it was a big deal that nobody knew that, and everybody had no idea what was going on, which buses were still transporting people around Bucharest and which didn`t. In the end, I must say, after a very long, and exhausting journey, I arrived where I needed. And then, going back to the railway station.. That`s a whole lot more.

However, why I didn`t take a cab you may ask. That was our last resort, in case things hadn`t work out, but usually cab drivers in Bucharest are big time thieves and it costs aaaaa lot of money to “cab” around Bucharest.

I`m here now. And I hope that next time, there will be no more strikes, no more stupid unannounced reparations, and so much more, and maby one day, Bucharest won`t be such a .. special.. thing anymore!

18th february 08

Well, getting there was no problem. Just that when I got back, I lost my train, so I had to take a bad, slow and cheep one. Cheep in Romania means that everyone who needs to go somewhere and has no mean of transport is on it. Including beggars and thieves. Well, this time it happened. An old lady was burgled on the train. I did not see it happening but I could hear the whole scandal. It was awful.  Ok, promise I won`t tell so many things about Bucharest anymore.


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