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How to make yourself lost and found in Paris?

Ghost chasing in Paris

harming as it may sound, Paris is a dirty, crowded, loud metropolis. With all that, it is the international capital of art, culture and love. Why has this agglomerated city become the most visited city in the world?
The first impression one can get of Paris is that it is truely big, calm and cosmopolit. Two out of these are true, Paris being anything but calm. It is a city of millions which, one can never stop seeing it, as things change every two weeks or so.
The first impression of Paris can vary from place to place, and time to time. Getting around Paris is actually easy, the RER and other public means of transport are easy to use. Anyhow, you might need some guidance. Although everyone sais that they speak English, German and Spanish, they speak only French and some get offended if you ask them wether they speak English or not. Being Paris, pretty much everything is Eiffel- tower based, from souvenirs to commercials.
I went to the ‘la Conciergerie, a former parisian prison and felt strange and intoxicated by the events that had taken place there. How many people spent their time behind bars, people getting executed with a guillotine and so on. Then I went to a hotel which was very, very old, from the 1700s or so. I had a chat with someone who worked there in the bar, about nothing and learning French. Later, I tried to buy a subway card, but they wouldn`t take fifty euro bills, so I went in circles around the arrondissments, trying to change the bill (although I guess I should have called the Police, as it might be illegal to say “change only”) . Anyway, Paris is a haunted city if you only look at all the catacombes and Memorial Landmarks. Indicator naar Paris

Diana is still the most known person who accidentaly (the debate however continues) died in Paris. The place which was hit and caused the death of Dodi and Diana is still marked, and on some days you see candels and flowers brought at Diana`s landmark.

ow did Paris manage to become such a city? A place which hosts places like the Pere Lachaise graveyard, which I have also seen, where people like George Enescu or Jim Morrison lie (I know I shouldn`t put these two one next to another), but at the same one of the most alive metropolis` of the world.


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