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In Romania

Romania is my country. If you walk on the streets of Romania, it looks like most Balkan countries. And then, things start to pop up. Almost everybody is wearing dark- coloured clothes, everyone is in a hurry, speaking on their extremely fancy phones, crossing the street wherever they like, whenever they like, however they like. There are highly valued cars on the streets, in a country where the average income is of a few hundreads euros a month.
Romania is a country that does not respect human rights, freedom, and so on. Who can know why? Maby because during the communist era they were forced to adopt certain living ingredients, and now can not let go of them, maby because they have always felt threatened by enemies, of whom they had a lot, maby not.
I always write about the wonderful things of Romania, the magnificant people and the fascinating places. I`ve been everywhere: from the beaches on the sea side to the thousends of monasteries in Romanian Moldova, to the Iron Gates and the Western city of Timişoara. One can see the dolphins, the house where the person who inspired Bram Stroker`s Dracula was born, the relics of a fifty year-old communist regim, and so much more.
Romania has a lot of emigrants, bad press, and mostly bad political views. But what Romania needs today is a saviour. It deserves this.


About Iosif

Creative Director Iosif Trif takes interest in developing creative works as well as studying the impact works of art and cultural products have on people on both a personal and group level.


3 thoughts on “In Romania

  1. La mulţi şi binecuvântaţi ani, români şi Românie!

    Posted by Laurentiu | 01/12/2010, 17:28
  2. I agree with many things you wrote about, but I really want to say something about romanians: They are kind and helpful people, especially with the strangers.

    Have a nice day

    Posted by Admin | 17/11/2011, 09:56
  3. foarte tare ce-ai scris…

    Posted by incalzire in pardoseala | 03/01/2012, 22:37

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