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Books: The house of sleep

In “The house of Sleep” everybody is somehow connected. It presents the story of a few characters, but in a very unique way, and that is what they were back in the 80s and 8 years later. When you first take the book in your hands, you just don`t want to let it go, because the style it is written in is simply great. Or at least the translation I read was just fabulous. This book will take you everywhere: suspense, fear, and moments you won`t be able to stop laughing. The story, which is pretty hard to retell as it is written in this alternance 80s- 90s and some things make sense only later, is very captivating, controversial, and surprising.
Somebody said that it will for sure be one of the best books of the beginning of the milennium. Well, we`ll see about that.
I wrote about it, because I really liked it!

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Creative Director Iosif Trif takes interest in developing creative works as well as studying the impact works of art and cultural products have on people on both a personal and group level.


One thought on “Books: The house of sleep

  1. i really liked that book too. It made me think a lot about my sleeping habbits and dissorder :) Can;t wait to see if we find another book to equal it ! it’s a challenge…

    Posted by Delia | 23/01/2011, 23:01

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