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Reading from Emmanuel Swedenborg`s “Heaven and Hell”

In the book “Heaven & Hell” by Emmanuel Swedenborg, the author, a prominent 18th century scientist, claims to have had acces to percieve paradise and hell, and talk to angels. Here are the most interesting observations, some of them controversial even to our day, although the book was written in the 1700s. Emmanuel Swedenborg is considered the father of New Age.


A first interesting comment is the fact that people should separate “Truth” from “Goodness”, something I have also always said.
In the book, the author states that people should know that everything they do well they do because God has permitted them to and should be tahnkful.

On page 21, I found something that can be interpreted and appears very important: ” everything true is converted to something good and rooted in love as soon as it enters the intention“.

Swedenborg talks about different hierarchies of angels, places in Heaven and the angels which bond these.

In the second part of the book, the one about Hell, the author makes some strong points about the real teachings of the holy texts, emphasizing that God does not get angry with anyone because He is love Himself and mercy Himself.  He also states that anyone who reads the sacred books with an “enlightened” and open heart will see these things written there. Therefore, someone who is drawn by evil in this world will consequently cast himself into hell when leaving this world. Which makes a lot of sense.

In conclusion, we can`t say whether the content of the book is true or not, but we can agree that an intelligent person would be at least willing to try to think and reflect about Swedenborg`s heaven and hell.


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