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The non-art

The sheep and hill.

The sheep and hill.

Sometimes in life, there are things that we can not do, but we like them. So, why give up? For example, I know I can’t paint and I know that if I paint something it is not art or anything, but I still paint. I think it’s important to paint and draw. It’s good to draw, even if you don’t have a technique and talent. Doing it in a primary way, you can tell what’s really up with you.

A while ago (I guess it was in 2012) I painted this picture as a result of my travels around Transylvania. It was cool, because it was a process of thought, concept, practice and self-criticism.

I don’t know why I chose to paint this, and I know that the rays are not the way they’re supposed to be (or what I think they are supposed to be).

I can say that because I am not a professional (not even amateur) painting that this painting should say a lot about me. It’s (sadly) one of my best paintings. But it does not say so much about me as I thought it does because I already have an eye for painting and a passion for visual culture, which I would love to translate to my work life.

I guess painting is a very interesting art (mentioning that what I did here is not art or anything) because it allows the creator to express the world as he sees it in the easiest manner possible. Unlike photography, where you have only a few settings you can modify (although photography can be taken to the stage of art as well, there’s no doubt), in painting you can modify shapes, add or remove elements, lights, etc etc.

I also like painting because it is somewhat opposed to the digital arts. When you create a design using your computer or tablet, you are using a bunch of tools that you set in a certain way. When you are painting, you are using your body, just like a tenor does when expressing the composers (and his) deep thoughts using his voice. A collage for example, if it is made on the computer it can be 100% precise. You can set every piece just where you want it, rotated at the angle you want it, color it anyway you want. A hand-made collage has flaws, and that’s what makes it perfect! Using your own technique (which in the digital world we’re not yet capable of doing) is what makes good art!

You can create a technique in music, photography, painting, dancing, acting etc.

This perspective is not even close to the level of discussion we should be having about painting as a natural and then educated need. This is why I recommend Rudolf Arnheim’s book, “Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye”. You can read more about the topic there.

The next thing I painted after this, was a twirling whale.



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Creative Director Iosif Trif takes interest in developing creative works as well as studying the impact works of art and cultural products have on people on both a personal and group level.


2 thoughts on “The non-art

  1. I’d love to see the twirling whale. :)

    Posted by studyabroadadventure | 20/05/2013, 18:47
  2. Oh.. I don’t know… maybe I’ll post it but I’m not very sure it’s great.

    Posted by Iosif | 20/05/2013, 19:57

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