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The Hungarian Sunset

Hungary’s capital, Budapest is famous in Europe for it’s unique sunsets. Many people who come from the East, especially from Romania, try to arrive in Budapest in time to catch the dusk. I don’t know what makes the sunset there so unique, it’s the geography of the place.

Once you enter Hungary, you need to present your passport if you are a non-EU citizien and your ID if you are a EU-citizen.

It’s awesome how we can cross the border today, with the least formalities. Soon, in the near future, we will be able to cross the border even without showing our ID cards.

I came to Hungary by train. Once you cross the border, everyone’s phones started to receive text messages. It’s like an inventory to hear every traveler’s ringtone. You get messages that let you know how much it costs to call and surf online from your phone.

One of the first things you see when entering Hungary from the East, is a forest where all the trees are perfectly lined up, one behind the other, like the columns of a Greek temple.

I must keep in mind to change the time, as Hungary is in another time zone than Romania, Hungary is CET: Central European Time, while Romania is EET: Eastern European Time. Now it’s the same until you reach London.

I like to find myself in countries of which languages I don’t understand (when I was in Greece, I couldn’t understand the alphabet either). It makes non-verbal communication so much fun. It really makes you think that we are all the same.

The language is different, the characters they use might be a small mystery (Hungarian language uses signs on different characters, such as ő or ó, but the graffitis are all the same: “Punk’s not dead”.

It’s a three hour journey from the border to Budapest. Being mostly palin, Hungary does not offer a spectacular scenery.  It is quite well maintained though.

It’s such a different light here. It is really pastel if I can say so about light, it really makes you see where they got their inspiration for religious images from.

I have been to Budapest before, but never got to see much of the city. I won’t see much this time either, as I will be just crossing through. Last time I had a few hours to explore a part of it, so if I have the time, I will explore the other half this time.

The houses you see while being on a train on your way to Budapest are quite similar to the houses you see in Romania. They are more aligned though, and more colorful I would say.

Budapest is one of Europe’s capitals that are being crossed by the Danube. The other three are Vienna, Bratislava and Belgrade.

It’s evening in the Keleti train station of Budapest. The train I’ve been on for a lot of hours arrives ar one of the station’s many platforms.

Have a look at a few pictures I took in Budapest.


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6 thoughts on “The Hungarian Sunset

  1. Great architecture!

    Posted by terrytrekker | 23/04/2013, 02:22
  2. I like it too.

    Posted by Iosif | 23/04/2013, 10:50


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