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The Romanian Cowboys

One week after Easter, each year the “Junii Braşovului” are riding their horses through the town in a parade that attracts many people from both the old city and the new part. The “Junii Braşovului” are seven groups of men that were established long ago. It’s actually unknown how old this tradition is, the oldest record of it is 1728, but it seems that, like all things is Romania, it is actually a lot older. The juni have their traditions and rituals, but besides the parade they are not very popular among the general Braşov population. I would really like to create a project about them.

The parade consists in these men dressing up in their particular costumes and marching on their horses through the old part of the town. It’s really crowded, because everyone wants to see it and there are times when the horses don’t listen and try to go crazy, so it’s kind of hard to take pictures. To me, the parade seems like a medieval version of today’s gay pride. Men in fancy, colorful outfits marching and then having a party, while playing with maces. Haha. I’m sure many people would be mad to read this.

On another note, it is cool to see as many horses, as Romania has been recently involved in a Europe-wide horse meat scandal. (If you live in Europe, you might have heard of it).

Anyway, the parade is cool and I want to share some photos I took there.


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Creative Director Iosif Trif takes interest in developing creative works as well as studying the impact works of art and cultural products have on people on both a personal and group level.


4 thoughts on “The Romanian Cowboys

  1. fabulous costumes for both the men and horses!

    Posted by marthapfeil | 19/05/2013, 18:25
  2. Yes, they’re really great and original!

    Posted by Iosif | 19/05/2013, 21:28
  3. I like all the color. Looks like a fun day. I like that you didn’t just take head shots.

    Posted by bdh63 | 02/06/2013, 00:48
  4. Thank you!

    Posted by Iosif | 02/06/2013, 11:51

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