Hi! This page is a summary of the content of my site for foreigners who can not read in Romanian. I will also try to make pages in some other languages that I know, like German, French and Dutch. I write about things that appear in the day-to-day life, but from my personal view. 

I try to take photographs that allow the viewer to give them sense but to share my emotional characteristics , pointing my features and portraying a personality that is calm, stubborn, possessive,  truthful and loyal.

I also make films, which I still learn ( the same as for photographs) how to make, and usually my style is either a documentary/ interview or a mystic theme.

I think inner beauty combined with physical beauty is the perfect way in life but I still learn.


These are the articles in English written by me:

College boy

College boy II

Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation

The Olympic torch in Braşov

There`s art and there`s “art”

The non-art

Look what I found!

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

December 2012 countdown

Questions inside

Halloween 2012


The 2012 phobia. No comment needed.

The year from A to Omega: 2011 AD

How to make yourself lost and found in Paris?

In Romania. On our National day 2010

Watching Larry King


The drunken Scotsman When the rugby world cup took place in Paris..

The I Ching, does it reveal the FUTURE? The first Chinese text can do that!

Behind the scenes: the circus life Will there be a next generation of acrobats?

The false reality: Can over sleeping cause memory loss? Reality shows.

The noughts of the noughties: A list, in short lines about the last decade.

What will the end of days be like? Again about 2012!

Media: NOT that faq! Answers on Yahoo!

Bucharest closed. Come back in 20 years. Texts written a few years ago.

DISCUSSIONS on Freedom The freedom of the mind versus the freedom of the body!

That Dracula thing



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