The journaling about travel thing began for me when I was young and traveled in groups throughout the country. The “guide” of the tour always said we should have a little piece of paper and a pen to write down information about the places we had seen. But I thought that that sort of information is easy to find, and only the most important historical data needs to be written down by me. So then I thought I am going to write about the people and the places I have seen from my perspective. Here is a look back at some outtakes of my travel memoirs..

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About Romania`s cities

I always have been a big fan of the sea, so I love the city of Constanţa, which is at the Romanian sea-side. Despite it`s beauty, given by the seagulls, the casino and the seashore, I found it to be very messy and crowded. Obviously people are extremely diffrent than what they are in Transilvania. I once was in a small (and obviously crowded) food store and checked out all the products. The lady there started screaming I should decide faster, and my response, which was pretty much to myself only, was that I am slow, I am Transilvanian.

Across the country, in the West, there are the cities Timişoara and Oradea. Both located near Romania`s border with Hungary, they have always been the cities Romanians considered to be “western”. I don`t know if they are “western”, but they sure are very open. Calm people, open spaces, modern life.

Romania`s resorts

The idea of resort, when thinking of Romania, has been for me, until recently ” a place left behind in communism and not brought back”. And I think I was right. Most Romanian resorts, like Govora, Păltiniş (where the Ceauşescus went),  and many more, had a good communist air to themselves, and only recently have been brought to the 2000s. Poiana Braşov is probably the most known resort, it`s like the ski-center of Romania in winter time. If you want to feel like in another country, you can go to the Hungarian- orientated resorts of Romania, where, due to large numbers of people living in that area, even street signs are in Hungarian.


About my early travels

Sometime in the 1990`s, Not exactly dated

After visiting “The Bear`s  Cave”, which I had found horrible, but in which  liked the “Candle Room”, we returned home from what had been an agglomerated trip.  On the way we were caught by a storm , but before that we had seen the Hunyad Castle, where I took my first photograph.

About my first voyage to Greece

Spring 2009

” I can remember seeing the Meteora for the first time. We had arrived there at night, and I had no idea what to expect. Although the city looked bright, due to all it`s lights, it seems dark to the curtain of light that the formation was. I had no idea how big they were, there were lights at the mountains` feet, directed to the top, but never reaching it, leaving the viewer with the impression that Meteora ends somewhere beyond what we can see. ”

About “Somewhere in the county of Mehedinţi”

Sometime 2004

After writing how my personal trip had went, I wrote that I was dazzled by the town of Orşova, which I had found extremely clean. I later found out that people actually are very poor in that town located near the border.

About the saltworks in Turda, Romanian Cluj county

Spring of 2011

After descending by foot to the palace where you get a full view of the saltworks, I thought to myself that it is incredible that man has build such a thing! It was breathtaking and I kept saying: “Can you believe this is real?”



6 thoughts on “TRAVEL NOTEBOOK

  1. are you a fan of Mamaia?

    Posted by marthapfeil | 19/05/2013, 18:23
  2. I haven’t been there for many years, don’t know what it’s like now.

    Posted by Iosif | 19/05/2013, 21:28
  3. i havent been for several years either, but my friends in Bucharest still go to Mamaia and love it.

    Posted by marthapfeil | 19/05/2013, 21:30
  4. Aha. Do you live in Romania?

    Posted by Iosif | 19/05/2013, 21:32
  5. no, just a frequent visitor!

    Posted by marthapfeil | 19/05/2013, 21:48
  6. Oh, that’s fun!

    Posted by Iosif | 19/05/2013, 21:54

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