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Film Set


Film Backdrop

I was thinking about a movie I’d make and took a photo of what I thought could be a good shooting location.

What type of movie does this inspire you?

Taken in

Brasov, Romania

January 2018


November Moon




Artificial November Moon,

November 2016, Brasov, Romania

Floral Tales One



October 2016,


Gray Decor

Gray Decor

Brasov, February 2016

Small Violin

Small Violin

Precious sounds

Substance Blanche

Substance Blanche

Substance blanche

Winter Developments

Winter shots, December 2014.

Arts & Crafts

Bucharest, June 2015

Des réflexions indirectes

The pictures in this album are photos I took when I was just beginning to learn about photography more professionally.

My belief is that, even though they were not works of art, they did reflect my inner self in an indirect manner.

Le Jardin Magnetique


Jardin Magnetique Poster Manuela Marcovici Iosif Trif

Momentan mă ocup şi de un proiect numit “Jardin Magnetique”, iniţiat de Manuela Marcovici, şi din care am devenit parte şi eu ulterior. 

Acesta este statementul instalaţiei care se găseşte la WASP Bucureşti. 

Cartea poștală a fost înlocuită cu magnetul de frigider. Construit ca un simbol de identitate națională, magnetul de frigider însumează elementele pe care locuitorii tării respective vor ca turiștii să le rețină,  fiind de cele mai multe ori expresia unui ideal național, reprezentând adesea o versiune romantizată. Trăim într-o epocă în care frigiderul și-a dobândit o nouă funcție în locuința omului contemporan, și anume funcția de ecran interactiv, de avizier central și un susținător al societății de consum pe care sunt dispuse suveniruri-magneți care creează un profil social-politic al proprietarului.

Work in progress

Work in progress

Acești magneți alimentează dorința de evadare și ideea de vacanță. Astfel, proiectul Jardin Magnetique, selecționat în cadrul programului Jardin d’Europe, propune atât o analiză antropologică asupra diferitelor culturi europene și modul în care acestea își manifestă identitatea națională cât și un studiu al deplasărilor turistice în contextul Uniunii Europene și nu numai.



Pentru mai multe informaţii, şi despre cum puteţi să participaţi, daţi click aici!

Annie Leibovitz For A Day

Mirror, mirror on the wall/ Who’s the shadiest of them all?

I used to be a frequent visitor of the yahoo answers site, and wrote a couple of times I guess about it on my blog. I thought it was a great way to interact with people, but without all the weirdness and swearing forums have to offer. I answered and asked all types of questions, from stupid to funny, from deep to non-sense.

I liked to get feedback on certain things, as I believe the Internet is a great tool for communication with people who can be honest. But the problem with the Internet is that you don’t actually know who those people are. Most of them seem nice, but let’s be honest, you don’t even know what country they’re from or what their cultural baggage is.

Anyway, so, coming back to asking for feedback, I linked a few times to some of my photos and asked to photography community to say what they think about my photographs. Who else is better to tell you than the real pros? Yes, I’m being cynical.

I didn’t get much feedback from the Internet, but it wasn’t actually good, most of it. Basically, what I have been told was that my photos are holiday snapshots which are fairly decent and not that great or anything. I’ve also been told that I used “goofy” effects, which was not true, as a lot of my photos hardly see a photo editing software. Anyway, I smelled that something was not quite well with these people, since none of them actually linked to their pictures to show me how it’s done, even though some claimed to be pros.

I therefore made an experiment. I uploaded an Annie Leibovitz photograph to my photostream, claiming it was mine. I know, that’s not quite ethical, but it is for an educational purpose moral. I did not upload any Annie Leibovitz photo, I uploaded a photo that was on the cover of one of her books.

For those of you who have not heard of Annie Leibovitz, she is one of the three people in the world who make a good living out of photography. For most people, she is known to take photos of celebrities which end up on the covers of magazines such as Vanity Fair. But Annie’s work is more than that: she takes excellent pictures of other things as well, sometimes with a small compact camera, but their aesthetic quality is maybe even bigger than that of the Hollywood celebrities pictures. The photo I chose was from the 2nd category.

So, I linked to “my” picture to see what the art experts would say. The answers were, again, mostly bad and worse. Someone said that there’s nothing about the picture that makes you say “wow”, I got the holiday picture comment again and I was told to take the next step and even to try to take control of the image.

I actually started laughing. The fact that some guy was bashing the picture of one of present day’s most known photographers, to whom I’m sure he would bow if they met was just a great image in my mind.

So, we learned that Annie Leibovitz needs to take the next step in photography, take control of her images, stop making these bad photos that nobody will actually care to look at and not to mention, buy.

Yves Saint Laurent said ” We must never confuse elegance with snobbery” and to keep it in a “quotes tone”, Joseph Brodsky, a Russian writer, said “Snobbery? But it’s only a form of despair.” and they were right.

People need to educate their taste. I’m not saying this means that should appreciate my work by any means, I’m just saying that we should want to learn to tell a quality work from a non-quality work not based on the person who created it, or that brand that it belongs to, but by it’s true quality.

Of course, there are some people who will never be able to want to learn, like a funny video I once saw said:

“You called me a hypochondria!”

“I called you a hypocrite.”

“Now I’m a hippo?”

I mean, there’s always hope.

The non-art

The sheep and hill.

The sheep and hill.

Sometimes in life, there are things that we can not do, but we like them. So, why give up? For example, I know I can’t paint and I know that if I paint something it is not art or anything, but I still paint. I think it’s important to paint and draw. It’s good to draw, even if you don’t have a technique and talent. Doing it in a primary way, you can tell what’s really up with you.

A while ago (I guess it was in 2012) I painted this picture as a result of my travels around Transylvania. It was cool, because it was a process of thought, concept, practice and self-criticism.

I don’t know why I chose to paint this, and I know that the rays are not the way they’re supposed to be (or what I think they are supposed to be).

I can say that because I am not a professional (not even amateur) painting that this painting should say a lot about me. It’s (sadly) one of my best paintings. But it does not say so much about me as I thought it does because I already have an eye for painting and a passion for visual culture, which I would love to translate to my work life.

I guess painting is a very interesting art (mentioning that what I did here is not art or anything) because it allows the creator to express the world as he sees it in the easiest manner possible. Unlike photography, where you have only a few settings you can modify (although photography can be taken to the stage of art as well, there’s no doubt), in painting you can modify shapes, add or remove elements, lights, etc etc.

I also like painting because it is somewhat opposed to the digital arts. When you create a design using your computer or tablet, you are using a bunch of tools that you set in a certain way. When you are painting, you are using your body, just like a tenor does when expressing the composers (and his) deep thoughts using his voice. A collage for example, if it is made on the computer it can be 100% precise. You can set every piece just where you want it, rotated at the angle you want it, color it anyway you want. A hand-made collage has flaws, and that’s what makes it perfect! Using your own technique (which in the digital world we’re not yet capable of doing) is what makes good art!

You can create a technique in music, photography, painting, dancing, acting etc.

This perspective is not even close to the level of discussion we should be having about painting as a natural and then educated need. This is why I recommend Rudolf Arnheim’s book, “Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye”. You can read more about the topic there.

The next thing I painted after this, was a twirling whale.


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