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Substance Blanche

Substance Blanche

Substance blanche


Cheile Grădiștei

Snapshots I took in Cheile Grădiștei, Romania. This small resort was, along with other towns, the organizer of the Youth Winter Olympic Games (I guess that what they’re called) back a few years ago.

Mood Snapshots 2



Photos that are just mood shots.

Subjectief Selectie

For this short photo series, I wanted to select one or a few items from each room and adjacent space (garden, basement, etc.) from my house and photograph them. I haven’t gone through every room yet, but these are the results.

The reason for this was because I was thinking that he item one chooses as well as the way they photograph it say something about the person.

It would be great if others did that too, so we can compare and comment on the differences!


Arts & Crafts

Bucharest, June 2015

Des réflexions indirectes

The pictures in this album are photos I took when I was just beginning to learn about photography more professionally.

My belief is that, even though they were not works of art, they did reflect my inner self in an indirect manner.

Making it sweet


Penny Drop

Penny Iosif Trif

Taken in Râșnov, Romania, January 2014

My World For Beginners/ Lumea Mea Pentru Începători

After having an exhibition a few years ago, in which I tried to put older objects in their modern status: between old and new, I have come a few steps further. As a result, I am going to open a new photography exhibition between the 5th and 30th of June in Brasov, Romania.Lumeaptincepatori

My photos suggest a modern magic realism, offering therefore access to a version of reality’s depth and contain a hidden story. Out of this semi-objectivity, time becomes individual history and the collective sense becomes one with the personal one.

The title of the exhibition is “The World For Beginners”, as I myself developed new ideas and tried to experiment with techniques and ways of expressing your ideas in the rough and objective medium that photography is. I don’t know what to expect. I hope that some will like my pictures and enjoy seeing them.

I know my pictures are not what is commonly exposed, because I try to shy away from clichés.

So, everyone who is in Brasov is invited in the Ceaietc teehouse to see my pictures.

După ce am avut o expoziţie acum câţiva ani, în care incercam să plasez obiecte vechi în contextul lor actual prin fotografie, am mers mult mai departe. Ca şi rezultat, voi deschide curând o nouă expoziţie în Braşov. Aceasta va avea loc între 5 şi 30 iunie în ceainăria Ceai et caetera din Braşov.

Imaginile propun un realism magic modern, oferind acces la o variantă a profunzimii realităţii şi conţin o naraţiune ascunsă. Din acestă semi-obiectivitate, timpul devine istorie individuală şi sensul colectiv se combină cu cel personal.

Titlul expoziţiei va fi “Lumea Pentru Începători” pentru că am încercat să dezvolt singur mici tehnici şi să învăţ să exprim idei prin mediul dur şi obiectiv al fotografiei. Sper că vor fi şi oameni cărora le vor plăcea fotografiile mele. De obicei încerc să mă îndepărtez de clişee, aşa că fotografiile mele sunt ciudate pentru anumiţi oameni.

Dacă sunteţi în Braşov, puteţi veni să le vedeţi în fiecare zi între aceste date.

Densuş church

The Densuş church, located in the Romanian Hunedoara county is one of Romania`s most fascinating old monuments. Built in the 13th century, it is one of the oldest byzantine rite churches in the country. The “Saint Nicholas” church, as it is called, was built on the ruins of an ancient construction of the 6th century. It was built with rocks brought from the Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, which was the capital and the largest city of the Roman Dacia (a Roman province). The church is 30 m long and 18 m high. When I took these photos, you were not allowed to photograph inside. The 1443 mural paintings are in a bad state, as they were partially destroyed by “witches” in the area. It is really a wonderful monument and worth visiting, or participating in church, as it is the oldest church in the country where services are still officiated.

Photo: Civil dusk

The open-air market in Brasov, view at dusk. November 2012

I was really interested a while ago in taking photos of markets during the night, because I think it`s interesting to see these places which are really animated in the day, in a time when they are at their quietest. Here is a picture of the Brasov central market place at the darkest point of the twilight, in November 2012, taken from above. 

Man of the Woods

Brasov is a great and photogenic city if you want to take photos. Here are some pictures I took in the fall. (2012)

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