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College boy II

In the second year I made a shot film called “fears”, and guess what it is about. I regret only one shot out of it, but that’s ok. The rest were quite bad, I must say… I don’t know, some were better, some were not so good.

We also started writing scripts, which is by the way, harder than you can imagine. The first times I had to write something out of my head, whether there was a storyline or a dialogue, I found it too hard for me to handle. I put all my ambition into movement and in a year or two became one of the best at writing. Now I know that my “being good at it” is not good enough. And the same goes for everything. It wasn’t until after college when I read, studied and learned what art is and how culture works.

Back then, I did not have a clear idea of what I thought and of what I wanted to do, but two of my colleagues had. I was getting along with them quite well, which was great, because they helped me a lot and I am grateful for that. I wish I could have helped them more, but I hope they didn’t hesitate to ask me when they needed me. Anyway, these two boys started around the second year of school I guess to make a web series. Their idea was, I can only imagine, “let’s make what we make in school, which is short films, but not have to deal with everyone’s criticism. Let’s let (as it is only normal) the public decide. As it was somehow expected, the reaction they got from the school was very bad. Students and teachers commented on their web series, saying how awful it is. And I can say it was not the best thing in the world, but that didn’t even matter, as it was a small hit online. Even though their audience was not the demographic they had gone for, they had tons of people telling them how great their series is. Now that’s a strange thing, don’t you think? The Internet and film are all about reaching an audience. A film without an audience does not exist. Maybe in two hundred years it will be discovered and sold for a gazillion something at an auction but generally this medium is made for immediate viewing. Especially in today’s world. I made a documentary but it was ment to be shown only for my family, it was a gift, because it was a montage of videos I had shot over the years.

But I can’t say I didn’t have fun working at projects. Ok, maybe not until the third year, but anyway. For example, I had a lot of fun working on a project which was shot at night. A girl from my class had this idea that needed to be shot at night, and she asked me to be the assistant to the assistant to the assistant, or something like that, but I promoted myself twice that night. That was a joke I was making around on the two nights of filming. It was cool that she wanted me on the set. I don’t think people liked it that I used to joke around all night, as everyone was exhausted because of the late hours. But it was cool that I was there. A few days after, I think we went out or something and I have to say, my jokes are much more appropriate in a casual environment than in a working one, which is OK with me.

I remember in the third year, before on exam I actually wrote on paper what the teacher would tell us, why our documentary is bad. The documentary was so bad, that it is my favorite film I did in school. It was so bad that I laughed the whole time we watched it together with our teacher and colleagues who were horrified!

We also had really amazing projects which we completed in different prisons of Romania. I, like most or all of my colleagues, had never been to a prison before. I was a different kind of experience, and it catches amazing reactions when I’m on the bus starting a story with “when I was in prison…” I guess the whole purpose was to make us less prejudiced towards people who are in prisons.

I also loved a class where we would record weekly tv shows. Of course they were nothing of what I wished they were, but for me it was an amazing experience. I was also happy to have one or two colleagues I could rely on I guess and they were very helpful. One of them was the girl I talked about earlier, and another was one of the “co-founders” of the on-line series.

Even though they did not get along with each other, I managed to stay in good relations with both. And there were other colleagues I started talking to. But my experiences were different, meaning, they would be friendly with me, but never actually done or say anything friendly.

We also had a colleague from Korea, a girl who was an exchange student, as we had one who went there. I kind of got along well with her, talked about a lot of things and worked on a few projects together. I even interviewed her for our weekly tv show, but I don’t know where that tape is. We even did a big live-like TV show exam, which one of my classmates and I presented. It was fun and I’m sorry I didn’t practice enough before or that I did not have enough experience. As in a lot of things, I feel now I have a lot more experience. Our South-Korean fellow movie maker was cool and had a lot of ideas that are uncommon in our culture: for example, when she worked on a project with me, she wouldn’t come to my place (by the way, now I lived alone in something that used to be a basement) and work there. Which is better than I thought, as my house wasn’t a good representation of myself. I still feel embarrassed of what it looked like when some of my classmates came over. But I loved it that some of them, the girl I talked about earlier for example, got over it and continued to work with me on several projects, help me when I needed it and became a pal. Apparently the basement was a reoccurring thing, as I took classes and lived in one.

I don’t remember what happened, but my thoughts at the end of the 3rd year were that the year ended with an explosion of hypocrisy. Wow, I sure had a lot to say!

It’s funny how in all this time we continuously speak about ideas and personalities colliding and all sort of things except the essential, which is if I was good as a film director or photographer. However, the third year was the time I stated understanding what producing and directing is actually all about.

I also started not to think about all the things I used to think about so much and reconnected with people I knew and people I didn’t have a problem with. That was better!

In the fourth year, I really knew that there was no going back with anything, and it was the year I accidentally did a stand-up improvisation. And, I have to be honest, I kind of brought the house down.

Some people said I changed. I don’t think I changed, I think they got to know me better.

What changed was that I just couldn’t think about it anymore. Not that what I felt changed but I just couldn’t think about it. So, I guess I had my pals and just civil relationships with other people.

There were also students from other years that I talked to and got to know a little bit. It’s weird how until my last year, we were not connected.

The whole senior year was about directing your graduation film. Everyone had huge projects and I was the only one who did not have a Hollywood-inspired production. It was a simple idea, but everyone liked it. Now the problem was to make it into a film that everyone should like. Not everyone, but many people I hoped.

It was harder than I thought. I had no location, no actors, no script (just a draft) and no crew! While in the first semester I was ahead of everyone, in the second part of the school year I was one of those who was way behind.

In our last year, we had an attempt at team work, which didn’t come out great. We made three episodes from a series, and I was one of the main actors. I was kind of sad because of different reasons, and I remember how at one time a girl said: “I know why he’s sad. He said he doesn’t have enough close-ups.” Some people actually believed it and I don’t know what was funnier, the joke or that people actually believed it!

Now it was all about finishing that license movie, which was supposed to be seven to twenty minutes long. I had the best coordinating teacher I could ask for, and I am grateful for all the things he thought me through the years. But the production process was a bit slow and I didn’t know what to do, as most of the students were involved in each other’s projects and would not help me.

Through my pal, I reconnected with a teacher we had earlier in our learning process. She was always great and said that she is happy to help me. Because she was highly involved in the theater world, she managed to convince some actors to appear in my film. I also received a lot of help with the script from her and many other things. I finally managed to pull a team together and shot my movie. The film was first shown in a Cluj cinema, at our graduation ceremony. It was a comedy, and to my surprise, it got laughs. My colleagues were not very enthusiastic about it. A girl came and told me her family enjoyed my film, which was a great thing for me. I guess two others showed their appreciation. The teacher who had helped me was there too, and she said it was horrible. Yes, truly horrible and a fail! I was so surprised, not because she didn’t like it, although I wish she had, but because it’s not a good thing, in my opinion, to tell someone how bad their project was at their graduation ceremony. It was fun how everyone was congratulating each other and I didn’t get much feedback. However, when it came to grades, my film was one of the three that got the maximum grade and a lot of great feedback from the commission that evaluated the films.

After the screening and the presentation of our written papers, almost all my colleagues disappeared and I have not seen them since. I did not even receive a message online, like “congrats! See you at the reunion!” My pals and a guy who is one year younger were the only people who talked to me after it was all done. I felt it was strange that 16 people who had been together for four years could not say good-bye to each other. But that’s life.

Now I feel like I wasted so much energy into trying to change people or building something that wasn’t going to be real afterwards anyway. So, as far as I’m concerned they can do whatever the hell they want.

I decided to practice what I preach and allow them to live. If I believe they should accept me for who I am, then I should accept them. And yes, so far this is the key to life.

What I felt lacked in my formation was the fact that we didn’t do any reality shows or other genres. I know it was considered an art school and that everyone was too above it and that even doing reports ment professional prostitution for most, but it’s hard for me to understand why this would lack, given the fact that they are the most common format of the future. Whatever. I’m sticking to my opinion.

I now realize that even though it seemed like nothing came true, those were all the steps I needed to climb to be who I am and know what I know and to can what I can. Too much repetition in the last sentence.

I am really curious how all the people who I knew in college saw it. How did the teachers perceive me, how did the other students see me and what did everyone else make of the whole process?

I don’t know at what stage I am now, but I don’t even want to think of what stage I was when I started.

I am sad that I got judged based on weird reasons, and I am the first one to admit that I did a lot of bad projects. But what we all need to learn is that in the creative work environments failure is necessary and useful in order to progress.

I don’t know how it would have been if I had studied someplace else. When we had our final exams, I met a guy I knew who had studied the same thing in Bucharest. I couldn’t tell him that I used one of his ideas in one of my projects.

All I can say is that I just spoke to my pals and along with a huge bag of knowledge, that’s what I take from college.



College boy

I know the term “college boy” means someone who is kind of a snob, and if you will, it suits this article if we take it in a very ironic way. But my intention was to truly mean “college boy”. After graduating from four years of film school, I look back at my experience as I was trying to cope with a new city and a crazy crowd. Or maybe not so crazy. I felt a hole in me when I came back after it was all done, even though there was nothing more for me there. I did not feel my best when I was in college, but in the end I tried to make the best of it.

Before I actually started everything, I had to go through admission exams. I think those exams were the most important exams of my life. I went through them and got in third!

It all started in the fall, and I was brand new to Cluj. I moved to the city about a day or two before school started, but to me getting used to a city was something I didn’t know how to do, even though I had done it before. The other time I had done it, it was a tourist though.

The building where we were supposed to take classes was just across the street from the main building of the university. The university I attended is quite renowned and said to open quite some doors in its teachers’ and students’ lives.

I discovered that I knew one of my colleagues there. She later moved to another university. However, I felt like everyone was a lot more familiar with the college and with each other. They actually seamed friends. I had no clue how to be around so many new people. I’m not sure how I got to meet each of my colleagues, but I know it wasn’t fast. Being in film school, there were not many students who had been accepted, we were 21 in the first year, and by the end of the fourth year, only 16 had remained. But I still struggled to connect to them and to the teachers.

I found that I felt more connected to some of the teachers than some of colleagues, but I don’t know. Maybe it was all in my head, and I am imagining.

And then, the assignments started coming in. Being a vocational medium, and a very modern faculty, we were supposed to always complete assigments, depending on the class, each week or each month. I had never done a film in my life, I had just tried to film stuff and edit it together, but I had no idea about framing or professional editing! Most of my colleagues, though, seemed to know these things, and I didn’t know from where. I started being sad, because I felt that friendships were created on the base of how good your projects were. Better said, friendships were created on the base on how the teachers evaluated your project. I can remember one time, we had to do an assigment.

I was always being told in photography that my photos weren’t good enough, but this was a video assigment. When the teacher saw that it was filmed in the so-called ‘hand-held’ technique, he was horrified. I can remember being actually scared. Funny thing how later hand-held filming became my trademark thing and I like it to this day. But if the teacher said…

And that’s how it went in the first year: they said, I did, they did not like, they did not approve, I felt like I was falling from a cliff and life continued.

I remember in one of my first days in Cluj, someone told me that I seemed “indie” to him. I replyed asking whether that means like someone who likes Indian cinema. That was the firts contact I had with the “indie” world, which I later connected to the idea of “the hipster”. I could now finally define my colleagues, or at least what they seemed to me. The group reminded me of that picture of the evolution of the hipster: in my year we had them all: from the fauxhemian to the scenester.

And they were all so obsessed with their preferences of directors, art, “art” and films that I constantly kept rolling my eyes. One guy was so emerged in his world, that, I don’t know if conscious or not, he made himself look like Roman Polanski when he was young. I thought that was quite weird, and not in a good way. I was not like that, because I did not know anything about professional cinema and what the art world is actually like, so I was open-minded about anything that came my way and tried to take it in. Of course, after I finished all four years I started finding my voice in terms of creativity and cultural preferences.

One of the first assignments we had was to make self-portraits of us, both video and photo. It was easy. There is a famous say: “Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” Edgar Degas said it. Now if you ask me to make a self-portrait, I don’t know what I would do, but back in my freshman year, I took a picture of myself dressed up in my favorite pajama, holding my hand near my heart, something like a religious painting I guess. One of my teachers considered it to be cheesy, while others had nothing to say I guess. On video, it was another story. I first did a clip, edited in Movie Maker, about how I had written a lot but didn’t want anyone to read it. The second self-portrait was a symbolic attempt, which looking at it now didn’t quite succeed to express the fact that I’m a dreaming boy. I don’t know if I need to go on and on about each project that I finished. I mean, I was involved and each assignment I got was the best I could do, with the resources I had, both physical and mental. As a freshman I was quite sad that things did not go my way: I worked very hard, but nothing came through. I did documentaries, reports, animation movies, fiction and almost everything in between.

Even though the first year ended in tears, it was best for me to look forward, hoping that things will change. I knew that the dynamic would change, it’s inevitable, I thought, but hopefully it wouldn’t get worse.

Everyone had their obsessions and I was not part of the gang. This was my obsession and I was living with it. I feel like I made everything look so dark and bad, looking through my written thoughts of the time, I was not very happy and felt like everyone was just on drugs and uninterested. And to be honest, to a certain extent they were really uninterested. I remember once asking a guy something and he replied he didn’t care. I was just trying to reach out and start something, because now I remember that they used to tell me that I didn’t do stuff with them. I do not know what they did, but I would like to.

Going onward, I noticed that each student had his or her own thing they would cling to, and not accept other things. I say things, because I can’t find a more general term. One guy was obsessed with westerns, the other with the regime that collapsed in Romania in 1989, a girl was obsessed with “surreal, symbolic things” and another guy with saying “I don’t know, it’s… yes”.

And the teachers didn’t do a great job either. I mean, they would always tell us how bad everything we do is and personally, although I tried, I couldn’t find my voice through elimination. I’m not good at this, I’m not good at that, I can’t do this…

This is something a teacher with whom we had an acting class pointed out, the fact that we’re always being put down and that, surprise, it’s not a good thing. I think I will always be grateful to him for telling us that.

At this point, I feel like everyone hates, the teachers, the students and the staff. I was living with someone and I in my freshman year I had lived at another family. It’s really hard for me to live with someone I don’t want to live with, and to feel excluded and disliked at college! I am wondering if I am going to find my place.

Another thing I had huge problems with was the lack of tolerance. As everyone grew “as artists” and as people, they started not liking each other and not talking to each other, instead of tolerating and accepting. Accept that you have divergent points of views in life, and everything will be a little easier! I am really pissed that they would not accept a different point of view and that they had streams of thought that were really hard to follow and make sense of. But why do I bother?

I don’t know if I asked myself this back then, but I do now: what did I care? Why was I so involved? There is no general truth, and I knew that then as I know it now.

I was told not to photograph the things that I liked, the way I liked it, I was told not to film the way I wanted, not to think the way I was thinking and yet and I somehow I did not give up. I took it all in and tried to learn something from it. Why are they saying this? I’ll admit, most of my “early” work is bad but it’s supposed to be bad. One thing a teacher said once (actually he said it more times and I have a deep respect for him) was that we were not a production company, but a school. So why were we always put down that “we can’t sell this” when we were not doing it for more than a year or two. In this field, you’re not a professional after many years of practice.

I need a vacation! So much struggle, and for what? I remember I felt like there was a “standard”, that needed to be touched. And it wasn’t so much of a bar, but a cumulus of conditions to make a project be considered “good”. For example photojournalism was good, something else was bad. I didn’t like it that everything was done in a hurry and sometimes superficial, while other times we used to focus on an unimportant thing so much, that we overlooked the whole project.

And there was a lot or mockery and I felt there was more unexpressed mockery. I feel, in retrospect, that I put too much of my soul into some projects. I was always being told “don’t take it personal” and I agree and think the same, but as a director I like said “how can you not take it personal?”

I realized at one point that it wasn’t about the grades. I had always had good grades, but this did not bring me any appreciation. I did not know what to eat, what to do, how to do it and how to become better.

In the mean time, our building got a full renovation, and instead of having glasses in a former basement, we had them upstairs, in rooms filled with expensive computers and a studio.

This did not change much for me though. I was amazed by how a lot of people thought that they understand the depth of the human soul, but do not understand simple things. A lot of students also were not coherent at all when it came to creating, thinking and doing things. That’s my opinion.

Was I missing out on things? Maybe. But I didn’t want to do things that were fake or just for trying to feel included. I don’t want to feel included.

I know I am weird, but I hoped people will still befriend me for who I am.

I have not drawn all my conclusions yet.

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Ştiri, ştiri…

De curând am avut festivitatea de absolvire la facultate, în urma căreia canalul Transilvania live a făct o ştire. Am găsit-o şi o pun aici!

La stiri

Filmul meu de licenţă

Astăzi a fost festivitatea de absolvire de la facultatea mea. Fiind o rută de domeniu vocaţional, fiecare absolvent trebuie să facă pe lângă o cercetare scrisă şi un film de scurt-metraj. 

Subiectul filmului meu de licenţă a început de la o bandă de cartier. Până la urmă a ajuns la ideea unei familii care aşteaptă pe cineva. Astfel, mama, fratele mai mic şi fratele mai mare, împreună cu nevasta acestuia se întâlnesc pentru a vedea cursa de 200 de metri mixt din Campionatul European de Nataţie, în care fiul mamei concurează. Aceştia aşteaptă entuziaşti să îl vadă pe Adi la televizor.

Până începe cursa, aceştia se adună la masă în sufragerie şi fiecare se laudă şi îşi laudă genele şi contribuţia la faptul că băiatul a ajuns să fie finalist. Dar, când se anunţă concurenţii, Adi nu este printre ei. Totul se întoarce, şi toată familia se ceartă în cor. Fiecare dă vina pe celălalt pentru cum a ajuns tânărul: leneş, indolent şi rău. 

Această temă nu este o invenţie de-a mea. Multe filme, vechi, noi, europene, americane sau de orice alte provenienţe conţin scene în care se stă la masă. Acestea, de cele mai multe ori, cum cel mai adesea vedem în cinema-ul român, sunt ca o oglindă a personajelor, arătându-le adevăratul eu. Aproape toate filmele româneşti din ultima vreme conţin o astfel de scenă, iar în cinematograful universal,acestă temă a fost prelucrată în filme de la Chaplin Continue reading

De cate ori votam anul acesta?

Luna trecută au fost organizate alegeri la nivelul facultăţilor din UBB pentru Consiliul Facultăţii şi Senatul Universităţii. Datorită faptului că am fost la momentul (ne)potrivit undeva, am fost numit şeful comisiei de alegeri pe facultatea mea. Nu ştiam ce înseamnă şi ce presupune exact acest lucru dar până la urmă am spus că trebuie să aflu. Şi, nu peste mult timp, şi după puţină “practică”, ştiam ce era de ştiut despre procesul de votare şi formalităţile ce trebuiau realizate când vota cineva, când se deschidea secţia de votare, când se închidea, şi aşa mai departe.
Până Continue reading

Worüber hat Tante Merkel in Cluj gesprochen?

Es musste endlich so weit sein dass ich auch in Deutsch schreiben soll, sonst würde ich es vergessen.

Vor ein paar Tagen, war Deutschlands Bundeskanzler, Angela Merkel (Angie) in Klausenburg, um ein Tietel von der BB Universität zu kriegen. Nach einen kurzem Besuch in Bukarest, war sie so müde dass sie nicht bemerkt hat als ein Mann auf dem Klausenburger Flughafen ihr ein Blumenstrauss gab.
Später sprach sie bei der Zeremonie über die Lerninstitution wie sie ein Beispiel in der grossen EU sei, weil sie Unterricht in drei Sprachen anbietet und so weiter. Nachher sprach sie schnell mt ein paar Deutsche Medizinstudenten (schnell heisst so wie zwei Minuten) und ist zu einer Inauguration (die sie im Mittelpunkt hatte).

Später, Continue reading

Am obosit la festival

Probabil că aproape orice festival din lumea mare ar fi bucuros să beneficieze de un slogan de genul “nu încercaţi să participaţi la tot”, ca subtitlu underground. În fond, orice festival e făcut cu multe activităţi paralele pentru toate genurile de public. Astfel se face că zilele acestea la Cluj s-a desfăşurat aşa numita Galactoria, serbarea de vreo şapte zile a studenţilor din anii terminali de la facultatea mea. O idee bună, pusă în practică destul de bine. Numai că a picat în săptămâna de sesiune, în care toată lumea era agăţată în proiecte şi examene şi parcă ar fi avut anumite sentimente de ruşine să meargă toată ziua la festival. Vine vorba. Din păcate, nu poţi să ajungi la tot, ca la orice festival. Mai ales că, o altă parte proastă a festivalelor, sunt atâta de multe încât rişti să uiţi a doua zi tot ce ai văzut în prima. Aşa că m-am hotărât să merg şi la teatru, şi la film. La teatru, la o piesă de Alexa Băcanu (absolventă a facutlăţii mi se pare) a fost destul de multă lume, ceea ce a fost un lucru bun, dat fiind că spectacolul a fost chiar reuşit şi te-a ţinut interesat până la sfârşit. Apoi, la alte piese, sala a fost prea plină, au închis lumea afară. La film însă, bătea vântul. Un surprinzător unu- zero pentru teatru.

În ciuda căldurii, a doua zi la sala de teatru era din nou plin. Mors vincit Amor sau năbădăile amorului era piesa pe care venise lumea să o vadă. Şi cu toate că s-au aşteptat să fie răcoare înăuntru, n-a fost. Un spectacol de comedia dell arte chiar bun, cu toate că era un colaj de scene. E ciudat cum ne plac încă aceste personaje, chiar şi după toate formele de cultură prin care am trecut, şi lucrurile cu care ne-am obişnuit. Un pic vulgar pe alocuri, dar nu de ieşit din sală, cum se întâmplă în Braşov.
Nu am obosit, dar nici n-am îndrăznit să merg la conferinţă, după experienţe de gradul 3 prin care am trecut cu alte ocazii.
Mai sunt zile de festival, şi sper să mă mai găsesc printre publicul de teatru şi film (mai mult film ca să balansez scorul- glumesc).

Muzeul UBB şi Muzeul de Paleontologie

Iată că de cele mai multe ori trecem prin locuri la care nici nu ne gândim cât de interesante sunt. Câteodată este vorba de străzi, alteori de case şi aşa mai departe. Dar astăzi vreau să povestesc despre două muzee pe lângă care trec zilnic dar despre care nu am cunoscut mare lucru însă, până de curând.

Muzeul UBB

Muzeul Universităţii Babeş Bolyai prezintă în două părţi istoria Universităţii. Prima parte, cea de care o să povestesc adună o mulţime de informaţii despre şcoală încă de la începuturi până prin finele anilor 1980. Astfel, am aflat lucruri greu de imaginat despre Clujul de azi. De exemplu, cum arăta oare Clujul prin 1581 când iezuiţii au format prima şcoală? De atunci, şcoala s-a dezvoltat, dar odată cu complexitatea ei, şi problemele. Astfel, şcoala s-a tot împărţit şi reunificat după coordonatele istorice şi religia populaţiei vremii. Printre cele 750 de manuale, diplome, anuare etc se văd diferenţele de mod de viaţă, mentalitate şi valori promovate de universitate în timp. Cel mai amuzant a fost un document în care latinizaseră numele ungurizat al oraşului.

Muzeul de Paleontologie

Aflat în Clădirea principală a UBB, acest muzeu este rezultatul activităţii a mai mulţi profesori şi studenţi ce au avut ca obiectiv studierea paleontologiei la Universitatea Babeş- Bolyai. Aici găsim fosile minunate de pe vremuri de mult apuse. Cele mai multe datează de pe vremea când pe locul ţinutului Transilvania de astăzi era o mare. Printre ele, unele mutante, altele aproape inimaginiabile, se află şi oase de dinozaur. Se pare că pe teritoriul ţării de astăzi se fugăreau odată şi astfel de animale.

Aici am pozat un fel de fildeş de mamut şi am fotografiat un schelet de urs preistoric. A ieşit o fotografie chair bună.

Niste primi pasi

Mai demult am avut de realizat un film pentru şcoală la un anumit curs.Am înscirs filmul la sesiunea de comunicări a facultăţii. A trebuit săscriu şi un comentariu despre filmul meu. Din acesta pun un citat aici.Sunt doar fragmente, de aceea ideile ar putea părea dezordonate.

Tema scărilor este una foarte folosită în arte, o regăsim în pictură, literatură şi film, sub diferite forme.  Asfel ne putem gândi de la scara lui Iacob (din Biblie), şi „Jack şi vrejul de fasole”  (basm popular ce se regăseşte în cultura multor ţări) la legende urbane, cum ar fi „Scările din Santa Fe” .

Amales în final ca scara pe care o voi trata să fie drumul zilnic aloamenilor, care urcă şi coboară aceleaşi făgaşe, neştiind ce le poateaduce cotidianul. Prin urmare, am hotărât ca o simplă scară de bloc sădevină spaţiul de întâlnire a două personaje. Continue reading

După masă de noiembrie

Hey cititori,

Uite că a mai trecut o perioadă mică din viaţa mea, una de câteva zile. Am fost la un atelier organizat de facultatea mea, dar despre asta am povestit deja. Oricum, a urmat o seară dedicată alcoolicilor, cu scenete de teatru interpretate de cei de la secţia de actorie, inspirate din întâmplări reale. Au folosit şi tehnici diverse, cum ar fi Theater of The Opressed, adică sociodramă, cum am auzit că se mai numeşte, în care un om poate schimba întâmplările jucate pe scenă.

Am mai fost la un film, unde protagoniştii, adică oamenii care îşi povesteau viaţa în acel eseu cinematografic au fost prezenţi în sală, iar asta mi s-a părut foarte impresionant, pentru că acei oameni povesteau despre lagărele din România, proprile lor experienţe.

Ca să mă fac că ignor criza economică o să mai povestesc că mi-am luat papuci de iarnă şi de sport, numai pentru că am nevoie, din ca alţii, se ştiu ei, care cheltuie degeaba!

Acum afară este un apus incredibil de noiembrie, crengile goale ale copacilor sunt singurul contur care se distinge din fum iar soarele roşu nu se vede, doar lumina sa înrozeşte cerul de la orizont. Mai se aprind becuri în casele oamenilor, maşini care fac lumini călătoare pe străzi şi felinare ce luminează copacii fără frunze. Şi ciorile au plecat şi eu mă duc să mă mai uit pe geam, să îmi imaginez ce e dincolo de dealuri şi să mă bucur că e încă cald în casă.


A fost în ultimele zile organizat de către facultatea noastră un atelier bazat pe tetru şi film, la care am participat şi eu un pic. Nu m-am dus la toate activităţile, am fost doar în prima zi şi am aflat ce înseamnă antropologie vizuală. Discuţile de după au fost destul de plictisitoare, evident că nu toţi înţelegeau scopul acestor lucruri. Dar a fost foarte bine ce am văzut. Astfel, antropologia vizuală se ocupă cu documentarea vizuală, fără intervenţie a unui grup. Pe vremuri se documentau civilizaţile pe care noi le considerăm primitive, dar în ziua de azi este bine, ca în ceea ce am văzut, să se documenteze grupurile izolate care sunt pe cale de dispariţie. Astfel am vizionat o mulţime de materiale despre oamenii care făceau un fel de târg pe o stradă în centrul Clujului, care evident, nu mai există astăzi. În a doua zi a fost un mic maraton de filme româneşti de scurt metraj. Au fost şase la număr, din care numai cinci au rulat. Mă rog. Apoi, am vorbit despre ele şi am “dezbătut” anumite puncte pe care noi le notam pe niste hârtii de lucru după fiecare filmuleţ.
Am observat că temele, mediile şi personajele erau cam aceleaşi şi că evident filmuleţele nu erau perfecte, bine, nici nu se cereau să fie. Sper şi cred că au fost utile aceste întâlniri la care am participat, dar asta rămâne de văzut…

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